Vacation Time sixsentencestory

I have a little orchid on my windowsill, a plant that I admire for its tenacity and its reliability, as, for the fourth time, a spindly shoot gropes through the air, until it miraculously bears bloom in early April, the same time of year I received the plant as a gift.

The blooms come as banners of celebration, as emblems of resilience, and as reminders of the woman that gave the plant to me, a woman I’ll never forget, though I only knew her for five weeks.

‘Just leave the laundry here’, she said, ‘we have people for that’; it was her second trip, so she knew her way around.

It was she who said it wasn’t radiation; it was a getaway, a wild vacation for wild women like us who took our tops off daily to show our tattoos and catch some rays.

Her first time she had my kind; this, her second time, was different and she also did the chemo-cocktail cruise, her green Celtics cap a defiant and practical crown on her shorn scalp that cold winter.

When my vacation ended that spring she saw me off and gave me this little orchid, which I have kept alive as if her life depends on it; I tend the orchid, remembering that vacation time fondly for the experience and the people met and I hope they all are well.


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The Six Sentence Story prompt word this week is vacation. I am looking forward to February vacation and remembering a special one four years ago. Go to Denise’s GirlieOntheEdge blog to link up your own six sentences and to read more responses to this prompt.

17 thoughts on “Vacation Time sixsentencestory

    • Heroes? No. Just part of a small group of people who saw each other every morning for a while and who made “radiation vacation” more of a coffee klatsch than a trial of treatments. But yes, the giver of the orchid had a good attitude, and was a good mentor.
      (See “For the Girls” in my publications for more.)
      Thank you.

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    • Seems anytime you are thrown together for a time with folks with similar stories you’ll find some with the goodness and strengths needed at the time. I learned so much from those daily travels and waiting for my turn with the radiation machine with her and the others. A positive experience that I’d never wish on anyone.

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  1. Nice.
    Surely it is during times as inferred in your story that one’s character is revealed. And, its not only in reaction to a change/a situation/a threat, but, more importantly, in response to those close, that is where the soul shows.

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  2. What an amazing attitude. I hope when, if, my time comes I can have such a positive attitude. To survive is what we crave. I too hope all are well and wish you continued health. Your book of poetry ‘For the Girls’ is perfect for reading after reading this post. I’m thinking maybe I should send my sister a copy. She’s just finished a year of ‘vacation’. We’re hoping the sailing is all clear from here.

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    • Norah! I do hope your sister is all set. I am, and my neighbor who I happened to vacation at the same time and place is, but because we were all on first name basis, I don’t know about the others I met. But the graduation gift, the orchid, continues to do its thing and is a reminder of good people getting through their tough time. I had it pretty easy but still learned a lot from that time, came out better for it because of the people I met all along the way. But I’m all set.


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