The Bench

copy-of-working-template-for-ff-challenges28.pngHere is a very intriguing Carrot Ranch January 23, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a park bench. Use this gif to choose a timeframe and write the story behind that particular scene. Use the time as your title. Go where the prompt leads! 

I encourage you to read Charli’s post and to join in the challenge. And yes, Kid and Pal have something to say about the prompt too.



He might be retired, but he keeps busy, keeps fit in mind and body. Every day a brisk walk through the park, then some time reading the daily news; he keeps up with current events like it is his sworn duty and obligation.

So he assumes a scowl when rain interferes with his ritual, forcing him to repurpose the paper as an umbrella as he retraces his route. He retreats, dampened, secretly grateful for the rain that disguises escaped tears; he fervently and futilely wishes the world’s woes could be as easily washed away as a child’s chalk drawings.



I see you not seeing me, see that my chuckling hastens you on.

I recently read about the ground being a mirror-line for an inversion of two realms, the living and the dead walking sole to sole. I chuckle to think there’s a frumpy old lady sitting on a park bench upside-down underneath me.

Yes, I read. And I think. My mind is sharp, though a little stroke’s made talking difficult. The pigeons don’t notice.

I know I could have another stroke but I wouldn’t go to a doctor even if I could.

I’m braver than I look too.

7 thoughts on “The Bench

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  2. I don’t know which one I liked best to my pretend my ‘like’ up there is actually two likes. Those world woes makes me want to find that mirror-line boundary between two realms and cross over.

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