Crying Rock D’Verse Prosery

“Yeah, right, a talking rock. What, with a Biblical message or something? Like if we hide our faces we’ll get turned into a pillar of salt? Come on.”

“Shut-up. Listen, there it is again.”

Pat remained skeptical, Chris was visibly alarmed, Kelly cautiously curious.

“Right? Swear to God, it does sound as if that big rock there is speaking to us.”

“The Rock cries out to us today,” Pat mocked, “You may stand upon me, but do not hide your face.” Pouring the last of his water on the ground he crumpled the plastic bottle and bounced it off the rock.

“Knock it off. This is too weird. I’m getting out of here.”

“Wait up. But I’m so bad, ooh, I’m hiding my face.”

And then Pat was silent, a shamefaced stone statue.

People of this hallowed Earth, face your selves! There’s no hiding!



It’s Prosery time again at D’Verse  Pub for Poets. Using the line, “the Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me; But do not hide your face”, from Maya Angelou’s On the Pulse of Morning, we are challenged to write a prose piece of no more than 144 words (excluding title). Thank you Frank J. Tassone for hosting and providing the prompt. I wrenched the line into a flash, but with apologies to Maya Angelou and her beautiful poem.

20 thoughts on “Crying Rock D’Verse Prosery

  1. Rather scary, your take on the talking rock. So hard for most of us to not “hide our face.” But taken in metaphorical ways, that’s what we writers work on every day – taking the hands away from our face and hiding nothing. I like your prompt reply.

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