Crystal #sixsentencestory

Beryl had a habit of picking up any rock that interested him, though he didn’t really know much about them; he did know this one he’d just pocketed was common quartz but it was the sparkling facets that intrigued him, that easily convinced him that this was a special rock, a crystal in fact.

When a robber leapt out of the bushes demanding all the money he had, Beryl, having none, reached in his pocket for the one valuable he did have, but the sunlight striking the crystal caused the robber to see glinting steel, a weapon perhaps, so the robber went quickly away, empty handed, and Beryl continued safely down the road.

Beryl was very hungry when he reached town and he tortured his growling stomach further by reading the menu posted outside a tavern frequented by high rollers and gamblers, one of whom was sure he saw the sparkle of silver and gold in Beryl’s hand and so invited Beryl to join him for dinner, thinking to win back the cost of the meal and more after, but all the gambler got in return was a story and a close up look at the broken quartz rock that had shone like money.

The gambler was a good sport and laughed at his own folly; Beryl thanked him for dinner and went on his way, pausing in the lee of a great wall, wondering where he might find a warm safe spot to spend the night. The princess looking down from the tower above saw a flash from the crystal that Beryl held and saw it to be from a ring, brought to her by the prince she had been expecting, so she informed her father that another suitor had arrived whereupon Beryl was ushered into the castle, first taken to the royal wizard, whose job it was to scrutinize and validate unknown princes, for there had been many charlatans and commoners trying to win royal favor and the hand of the princess.

The wizard knew less about rocks than Beryl did, or maybe more, for when Beryl showed him all that he had to offer, the chunk of quartz, the wizard declared it a powerful crystal and coveted it for himself; in exchange for it he offered Beryl an ornate solid gold ring set with rubies, an offer Beryl accepted, for he saw that the intricate ring was suited to the princess’ delicate hand and might even warm her heart.


six sentence story copyIt’s that time again! Denise has opened the gates to the Six Sentence Story link up. You are allotted six sentences to tell a tale (or poem or what have you) that uses the word “crystal”. Join as both writer and reader for some of the most fun you can have without rousing suspicious scrutiny from the neighbors. 


14 thoughts on “Crystal #sixsentencestory

    • Thank you. It’s one of those that kind of wrote itself once I set it going. It isn’t so original, it kind of follows the Dumling or Simpleton type of fairy tale where the character doesn’t really have to do much to end well, just bumble along and not do bad. But because he’s good and there’s 3 encounters and a happy conclusion for him, it satisfies.


  1. What a great little tale you have spun! As I was reading it, I was thinking you could easily start your own book of fairytales, if you haven’t already done so.

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  2. Thank you. I do seem to be accruing this type of story. Did you see Wolf At the Door about a month ago? I also included some fairytales in my book of short fiction, After Ever. It’s a great fallback structure to meet a prompt, fairy tales, and kids of any age will settle down to listen them.


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