As sometimes happens, there’s more. The following is a follow up to Lifting Off in two parts. The first is 41 words for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #137, prompt word “complex”. The second part is 99 more words for the Carrot Ranch December 26 challenge “by design”.





“Why not? By design, shoe laces, now repurposed to  function as sturdy binocular straps.”

“Camo duct tape, egg carton bridge; these new binoculars

seem complex.”

“You just say that because you’re a simple woman and easy to please.”

“Half truths!”


“Look who’s back from her space adventures. Marlie! How was reentry?”

Already peeling out of her space suit, Marlie said it had gotten hot, but she and Destiny had faith in their capsule.

“Thank goodness you made it. Welcome home! Tell us all about it over lunch. I’ve never gone to space, not even when I was six.”

“Untruth! We’ve been to the moon.”

“Bill, let Marlie talk.”

“I went through the whole solar system; I saw all the planets and comets and asteroids.”

“What was the most amazing thing you saw?”

“A planet designed for me— Earth!” copy-of-working-template-for-ff-challenges16


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