Home Making

six sentence story copyIt’s take two for me and this week’s SixSentenceStory prompt, “pine”. Go to GirlieOnTheEdge to leave a story in six sentences exactly, or just to read others’ stories.


The stand of pine in addition to the hardwoods and the old hayfield had been the selling point; the land had all that they needed to build their own house. The house was long finished now, though the pine flooring that she’d wanted was only upstairs, as he’d convinced her to go with more durable hardwood on the downstairs floors, the pine wainscoting a compromise.

Over the years they’d walk to the pine grove together, sometimes to select the tree that would provide the lumber for a special project, like the crib they built for their babies, now all grown and gone.

He breathed deeply, was reminded of when this sweet pine smell would cling to them both along with the needles that stuck to their rumpled clothing. The memories still brought a smile; a smile and a knot that caught in his throat as he carefully walked among the towering conifers, looking for the special one that he would cut for her. Her dying wish was that he make a pine box for her, then bury her here among the roots, with the pine boughs yet whispering overhead.

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