Pining #Sixsentencestory

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The word I heard from Denise this week was “pine”. Here I am just having a little fun. I’m sure you know what Dorothy Parker had to say about horticulture. There’s nothing much to think about with this Six except to consider hopping over to GirlieOnTheEdge and submitting a Six Sentence Story of your own, just six, no more no less.

Pining for Perfection

“What do you mean, you don’t have any pine— there must be dozens here.”

“M’am, a pine is an evergreen, but evergreens aren’t all pines; I carry fir— balsam mostly, Fraser fir, some Douglas fir.”

The woman clutched at her fur stole, looking around, still skeptical, until her face lit up; “That one, I want that… fir over there, or even this little one here with the red berries.”

“Sorry M’am, those are part of the landscaping, planted, not for sale, and anyway that’s a spruce and this one’s a yew, in other words, Taxus.”

You are taxing my patience, as I didn’t come here for horticulture lessons— all I want to know is, do you have the perfect Christmas tree for me?”

“Oh, yes M’am, I most certainly do, we’ll find you a Fraser that looks like that spruce, and M’am… happy Holly days!”

13 thoughts on “Pining #Sixsentencestory

  1. Get the hell outa here!
    (Wayne and Garth: “I am not worthy….I am not worthy!”)
    I am glad I read this here Six here.

    (Lest my muse take offence* I will confess to having to look up the quote and, and, having looked it up, thought, ‘Damn! My education is twenty years too contemporary and literature-istically incomplete.’)

    * yes, I did use a ‘c’.

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