Closed Circuit #Sixsentencestories

six sentence story copy “Ernest, what do you mean, how’s Marge and I always accidentally getting drunk when Kris is here a circuitry problem?”

“You two drink at the same pace, Nard, but you’re never at the same level as Kris, who drinks slow. But neither of you want him to have to drink alone or to feel rushed so you get another beer to finish with him; but then he finishes and sees you’re still drinking so he orders another— it’s an open loop.”

“Shit, you’re right— guess we ought to slow our pace, huh Marge?”

“I don’t think so Nard.”

When Kris arrived he wondered why he was served a glass of beer while the others got pints, but didn’t dare argue with Marge’s explanation that while they did appear to have more, sometimes more is less.


A second Six Sentence Story featuring the prompt word “circuit”. Because, as these characters know, sometimes one six-pack isn’t enough. Go to GirlieOntheEdge to link one of your own or to read more six sentence offerings. See more of these characters HERE.

10 thoughts on “Closed Circuit #Sixsentencestories

    • There’s one among us who likes a challenge, but really its not a competition. I had to write this one or Marge would make my life miserable. Some weeks it comes to me and some weeks it doesn’t. It’s out of my control. I am always glad when these guys show up.

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