25 thoughts on “Wolf at the Door

    • Wow, that’s a fine comparison. It’s been a long while since I’ve read his work. I did re-read the Brother’s Grimm a couple years ago, their versions sharper edged. Raising two boys did you read many traditional fairy tales to them? Did they enjoy them? I used to read them aloud to fourth graders and all the students seemed to really like them. I wanted to make sure that they all had these iconic tales; too many did not know these stories or had only seen Disney versions. Fairy tales speak to all ages.

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      • Yes, I read all the Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm fairy tales to both my sons. We also had the audio books. Michael, particularly, listened to a lot of audio books as he was sick a lot when he was younger. Both my boys are artistic and love reading. I am not a huge Disney fan although I love Alice in Wonderland.

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