Fatal Attraction


It’s OpenLinkNight #255 at D’Verse, the pub for poets. This poem was shortened and bundled into a response to a Carrot Ranch challenge recently. Here it is on its own in its entirety.


Fatal Attraction

My beloved is an itch

always gets under my skin

I don’t really trust him

but I always let him in


My beloved is a liar

lies right through my veins

fills me with false promises

blinds me to my burning pain


My beloved wears a stained torn hoodie

pulled low over dark ringed eyes

plastic wrapped powdered cake

writes the lines of his white lies


Prince of liars, my hooded hero

tells me I’m his princess heroine

I love his lines— or so I say—

I lie too, just to get hooked up again


My beloved is a liar

and I suspend all disbelief

and do anything he tells me

just for those moments of relief


I don’t really believe the lies

my beloved and I share together

nor do I admit my life’s sad truth

that one day only I will lie forever


Family will lay me in my grave

they who’ve long since mourned

while my beloved spreads his lies to others

so read this and be warned.

22 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction

  1. At first I thought the addiction was between the girl and the bad boyfriend, but at the end, when only she was buried, and he went on, did it seem like more. He could also be a serial killer. The drug problem explode when hope is lost. When our society is as hopeless as it is for so many, addictions of all sorts are epidemic. Heroin is one of the more quickly deadly, where others kill slowly over time.

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  2. Wow! I almost feel gaslighted just reading this.The paradox of beloved and liar is great and I love how you show how confusing lies are and the white line powder kind that you lie about.

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