Crow Cracked

Quadrille #92 Take a Crack at Poeming


Crow-cracked dawn

rents rough seamed sleep.

Dreams are picked at



Morn’s glow yawns

widening breach

Reaches ’til night’s dark



Day spills out

dawn’s spreading seep

Night’s visions pine-perched



Till black wings again

stitch evening sky;

light and dark sewn tightly




Two days late but the first line said I could  had to write 42 more words even if life got in the way on Monday when De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo, of D’Verse pub for poets encouraged us to “Crack open your pen and give us a poem of 44 words using some form of the word crack.

23 thoughts on “Crow Cracked

    • Crows are my favorite alarm clock. Still, I wouldn’t have written this if not for the prompt, so thank you.
      The Pub is amazing for the prompts and for the number of poets that share such high quality poems so quickly and reliably every week. I feel grateful when I am able to join in.


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