copy-of-working-template-for-ff-challenges.pngSince the beginning These Ones delighted in their individual strengths but the essence of These Ones was harmony. In celebration These Ones sought to embody this harmony by coalescing their essences. Fire would spark potential. Air would provide breath. But it was formless Water that gave form to the colorful soils Earth gave for their bodies. Like the plants that gave them food, these creations could only stand when filled with Water. Without Water these creations would be dust.

Water prayed as these creations walked the Earth, breathed the Air and tended their Fires. Go in peace, Water Walkers.


rwr-1This is where the Carrot Ranch  November 7, 2019, prompt led.  In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes Water Walkers. It does not have to be in the Anishinaabe tradition; in fact, it would be more interesting to see interpretations from across all nations and walks. It can be a title or used as a phrase. Go where the prompt leads!

This may put you in mind of the March 21st prompt to feature a bucket of water. Aren’t we all just buckets of water? This is something that I wrote for that earlier prompt.



I am the Moon that orbits the Earth

I am the Earth; I am her Oceans that gather Moon’s beams


I am the woman who gathers water

I am the woman whose water breaks


I am the woman who carries water

Who nourishes, who cleanses, who sustains the child


I am the child who swings the bucket in play

Denying gravity with centripetal force


I am the child who gathers gifts from oceans

Who collects moonbeams in the bucket


I am the Child become the Woman who gathers water

Becomes the Oceans becomes the Moon becomes a centered force.

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