“I am loving everything about this homeschooling, Liz—mostly the fact that it is at your home and your husband is the teacher and that after school pick up includes a patio drink with you.”

“I need a drink after the shock of coming home to my front lawn all torn up; apparently our pupils are planning a butterfly garden as a part of their studies of migration. Oh, and look, here comes a scruffy refugee now on his migratory route through the shrubbery.”

“Um, so the border’s still open; I thought Tommy’s father was going to close it.”

“Not yet, so there’s still hope for our little emigrant.”

“Yes, let’s hope, for though it’s hard to believe, even an ungainly caterpillar has wings to fly.”


six sentence story copy The word I heard from Denise at GirlieOntheEdge was “migration”. Then she said, just write Six Sentences. Just six! The prompt led me to write way more than that but here are just six, a sort of a snapshot from a Marlie story in the works. Recall that Marlie and her friend Sofie are getting homeschooled by her work-at-home dad. See the related stories below for more Marlie.


22 thoughts on “Pupa

  1. I find the concept of home schooling as difficult to appreciate as the idea of having two dogs (at the same time).
    Surely, for the teacher, the task must be so much more difficult than traditional schooling. Of course, this is from one with no experience in either.
    Someone I know, not a writer, offered a measure of a good book as being one that has characters with whom you enjoy spending time.
    Fun Six

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    • I’ve been a huge fan of the main character and her buddies and am happy to see her parents emerge and a new friend as well. They all seem to be good sports so I’m sure everything will work out. I look forward to spending more time with this lot.


  2. Well, did I not hit the “post comment” button the other night?!
    I’ve enjoyed these characters and smiled at the opening for surely that is a bonus that “after school pick up includes a patio drink…” I’m sure there is many a parent irl that would like that perk, lol
    Sorry I’m late!

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