Character Building

“What’s the word, Bird?” Ilene asked as she returned to her desk without even glancing up at Vinny, who cawed as he slowly spread his arms and stretched his neck before tucking back into his vulture pose on the file cabinet behind her.

“The word I heard was quite absurd.”

“Do tell,” and Ilene spun her office chair around to look up at the gangly youth who used to be notorious for getting sent to the office daily but now appeared randomly and of his own volition to visit with her.

“Ah, Ms. Higginbottom, you know how it is, my living legend status means I’m still a target. That fossil they have teaching geography can’t stand that I got out of her class, still hunts me down in the halls, can’t wait for me to mess up; guess she needs someone like me to be correcting and disciplining, makes her feel all righteous.”

“She probably thinks she’s doing it for your own good, Vinny, she’s a bit of a legend too, in her own mind.”


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Here is a second entry for Six Sentence Stories, brought to us by Denise of GirlieOnTheEdge. The prompt word is “legend”. This is Ilene Higginbottom who first met this young man at her job interview HERE, and who helped him out in her role as school administrative assistant HERE. You can get to know Ilene and her friends HERE.

15 thoughts on “Character Building

  1. Once you’re marked with that bull’s eye, there’s no getting rid of it, lol
    There are teachers who love to pick on students labeled as “n’er do wells” whether it’s deserved or not. Luckily, Vinny seems to take it in stride.
    Great double header SSS!

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  2. For the shocker of the week, I can identify with Vinny, having been sent to the principle’s office more than anyone. other than my scottian classmate and friend, Alan Dean. (The principle in this parochial school was Sister Magellen. Which, even as I type, I marvel at the challenge to my ambitions to be a writer. Will I ever have the skill (or the daring) to make up a name like Sister Magellen?! lol Skill, in writing as in so many other arts, seems so much a function of confidence and conviction.)
    Enjoyable Six.


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