More Quilling– Lighthouses

I am showing off more of my friend’s artwork. Check Bonnie out here

The Great Point Light, built in 1785, was destroyed by fire in 1816 and rebuilt. In 1984 it was undone through erosion and destroyed by storm and again rebuilt. It remains today, though without any keeper’s house. 

Sankaty Head  Light was built in 1849 and was the first U.S. lighthouse to have a Fresnel lens, making it extremely powerful. The lens was replaced by aerobeacons in 1950. It was automated in 1965, though the keepers’ residencies remained until 1992. In 2007 the lighthouse was moved farther back from the eroding bluff that has claimed many houses in the past three decades.


IMG_0828 2
Great Point Lighthouse – Nantucket
Sankaty Lighthouse – Nantucket   

Nantucket is an island located off the coast of Cape Cod.  Often shrouded in fog, it’s lighthouses have safely guided many a vessel through treacherous waters.

Truro lighthouse

The community of Truro is located on the outer cape.  It’s lighthouse is the tallest and oldest one on Cape Cod.

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