Small Acts

Small Acts

It was a simple note, hastily scrawled, but it made her smile. Leaving a note was a small thing that she appreciated and that he usually didn’t bother with; he’d even signed this one “I love you”.

According to the note he would be back from his errands in an hour. She decided, as a small act of reciprocation, to have his favorite snack ready and waiting for him.

When an hour and a half passed she was mildly annoyed; when two and a half hours passed she had gone from anger to worry; when the phone rang following the distant sirens, she trembled answering it.

She still has the note, reads it often and wonders what the rest of their lives together would have been had it not been for that terrible accident that took him so swiftly and unexpectedly that afternoon.

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Take NOTE. It’s another Six Sentence Story prompt from Denise at GirlieOntheEdge. Drop by and leave a Six of your own or read the others.

Please read and write responsibly, six sentences at a time.

26 thoughts on “Small Acts

  1. Sad situation; excellently told. Brought memories of a woman once worked with; her live-in lover, as she described him, went out one Sunday morning to buy a newspaper. And never returned. What happened to him? She assumed he had her. yet he didn’t take his clothes. She never voiced a thought that he’d had an accident and no identifying papers…?

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  2. Reading the above comments, I don’t know if texts are capable of creating the same time bridge that a written note, as in your Six would.
    But thats just me speaking from the far side of the generational abyss.
    Surely Time is the atlas from which most stories (both long and Six) are charted.


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