Abandoned Ship

copy-of-working-template-for-ff-challenges15.png Charli Mills sounded the historical depths of her Superior lake and discovered a mysterious and spooky tale , though what caught her was the idea of those “unremembered”. Who are they? What’s their story? The prompt led me to write from the Hudson’s point of view, to suggest an answer to the question of why the ship sank and why it rises once a year. I hope this prompts you to click over to Carrot Ranch to read the collection of 99 word stories that surfaced from Charli’s September 26 Flash Fiction Challenge.



I just stopped. Our arguing raged like the gale winds that pummeled us broadside. How could he? How could he have a fiancé waiting in port? I refused to move unless he forswore that woman. For hadn’t he already chosen a life on the waters? Wasn’t he wed to me?

He had his engineers doing all they could but I refused to respond, for his desperation was to make it to land- to her. No. Let her be unremembered.

High rolling waves consummated our vows. Now every September we celebrate our anniversary. He and I will never be forgotten.

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