Over the years their devotion to one another was as unwavering as her dedication to her career. Though he often joked about being a “work widower”, he was proud, admiring of her tireless efforts.

But recent events were tipping the scale. He was sick with worry as her career became increasingly dangerous.

Not quite an ultimatum, he begged her, “Please. Quit teaching.”

wk-125-ultimatum.jpg              six sentence story copy

  It’s only six sentences in 62 words. Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt this week is “scale”. The Weekend Writing Prompt #125 from Sammi Cox is “ultimatum” in 62 words. Try out both of these prompts, separately or mashed together. 


28 thoughts on “Endangered

  1. damn! engaging, intriguing plot twist and …and! in six hypo-semicolonistic* sentences.
    nothing more encouraging that seeing a personal goal manifested, it says, ‘there it is… go try that.’

    * not a ‘real’ word

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