D’ Extinction

D’ Extinction                              (D’Verse Quadrille # 88)



These days! Limited

vocabulary, low language. I’m sorry

for their losses

accelerated all thumbs texting Omg

it’s all done

with emoticons, fcol!

I hold up standards but they

head bent say

I’m gone by.

But I stand

by words; sometimes

even fly.



I don’t know who invented quadrille over at the D’Verse pub for poets, but I sure like the free form with the 44 word constraint. This week those 44 are to include, in body or title, the word “extinct”. Thank you for the prompt Linda Lee Lyberg.

33 thoughts on “D’ Extinction

  1. Love that line:… accelerated all thumbs texting Omg
    Yea, one wonders what our hands in future evolution. And how sparse our vocabulary is to become. Will it end in LOL and OMG? And yet I grew up with PTO and PS/PPS and ELY, ITALY and other such likes

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    • It’s changing rapidly. More than ever perhaps, different generations are a different culture and there is a language barrier, where what would appear to be the same word has different meanings.
      So when you say what you mean it doesn’t mean what you said.

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