The Gift

six sentence story copyHis whole life he’d told very few people; had learned that it was a thing best kept to himself, but he finally told her, reluctantly and in confidence.

“But that is a wonderful thing; for surely you can see that you and I are to marry and have a wonderful life together,” and she took his hand and twirled as if dancing, then leaned into his embrace. “It is the gift of Sight you have, and you shall use your gift to help people.”

He forced a smile for her, pretended to agree.

He wished he could refuse this gift; he felt it as a curse that burdened him with helplessness and despair. For he did not know if it would be the horse that today pulled her buggy, or some other horse some other day, perhaps in the street, or some horse on the farm that they might share; he just knew that it would be a horse.


Denise is at it again, with a little help from some friends. The Six Sentence Story prompt word this week is “refuse”. The rules are to use that word in six sentences, no more, no less. Go to GirlieOntheEdge for more stories of refuse, refusing and refusal.

36 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. I wonder is it true that all gifts can be refused. The gift of sight would certainly have its disadvantages as he has found. I’d not like to know the future. Finding out on a daily basis is good enough for me. Let every day be a surprise. I wonder if he could change her future by eliminating horses from it. Wasn’t there a fairy tale that tried to do something similar unsuccessfully?

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  2. Having that gift is a scary thing, i know i would not want it.

    Larry Trasciatti, the man has what some call the gift of Second Sight, or prophecy. He can sometimes see the future, or know in advance that something will happen. He knows the woman he loves will be killed someday and that it will involve a horse somehow. He just doesn’t know when or how, soon or many years from now. It’s a scary thing to have that gift, i would imagine.

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