Spun Out

I am reblogging this as two more 99 word bits have been added as I consider the idea of Gift, prompted at Carrot Ranch. Maybe this is the final final installment.


copy-of-working-template-for-ff-challenges10By speaking to this girl at the library, telling her how to keep her bike safe from the likes of me, I’d become memorable, recognizable. Now I was making the risk worse by talking with her further. But for some reason, I admit the truth, at least the truth about not being a student. I also tell her that I run a mobile bike mechanic service, which is a lie, but will be true beginning tomorrow. Because, truth is, being recognized for a kindness felt good. Beginning tomorrow my gifts as a bike mechanic will be brought to light.


I had a stand, tools and a sign on a trailer I towed with my own Surly Cross Check. Where before I tried to blend in, now I tried to stand out, brand my business as the bike mechanic who’d come to you, work around your schedule.

I joked with…

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