Alpha #sixsentencestories

six sentence story copyShe raised her eyebrows at the steaks next to the grill then removed the toilet paper tube binoculars from around his neck when he bent to kiss her, used them to scan the back yard.

“Oh, I see them, how magnificent- listen to those wolves howl!”

Marlie and Sofie paused in their howling until they heard an answering howl, then Tommy appeared and joined the two wolves underneath the tree fort, Marlie’s mother continuing to watch through the cardboard binoculars from a safe distance, reporting to her husband as he placed the steaks on the grill.

“A young male has joined them, he seems surprised to see the older female; there’s definitely some bristling and posturing- oh, she has knocked him down and is baring her teeth! The female wolves are howling again and are now off on the hunt, while the male is sulking over this way.”

Handing back the paper binoculars, she scampered away from where she’d set her briefcase on the grass, joined her voice with that of the first two wolves, howling away in the wilds of the backyard, leaving her aproned husband to explain to Tommy that it was indeed a fact that a girl wolf can be leader of the pack, and that he would have to stop trying to run the wolves if he wanted to run with them.


The six sentence story prompt word this week is “howl”. Go to GirlieOntheEdge to leave your six sentence story and to read those of others. Thank you Denise for the prompt. Some of you might recognize Marlie and her family and her friends Tommy and Sofie. They were most recently in a Six, “Cracking the Code” and “Pomme De Terre. Marlie started out with a six sentence prompt, “Destiny” and had her first stories strung together and published in  Santa Barbara Literary Journal Volume 3, Bellatrix.


31 thoughts on “Alpha #sixsentencestories

  1. Like minds, yo.*
    Funny you should mention packs… as they are the social ordering paradigm of one of the three worldviews.

    …love the cardboard binoculars.

    *sorta… I will say this, any story that hits ‘Play’ in the Reader’s own, personal, sound effects library is a well written story… talk about ‘cha engaging! lol

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    • Or perhaps a lesson in wild women and life?
      I am flattered if you appreciate my sentencing. I admit to being more careful than I was when new to this. I try to be less cavalier, sloppy if you will, with syntax. Try to say what needs to be said within the constraints and without too many run-on sentences. As you know, the trick is in the constraint.
      Thank you for your kind comments.


  2. Toilet paper binoculars. What a great idea! I use the darned things for spyglasses and megaphones. My grandson loves the altered sound of my voice. He’s only fourteen months, so he really doesn’t get the spyglass.

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