Tranquility #dVerse


maybe, our footprints drifted over, sand blasted and erased,

when desiccating winds have finally ceased their primeval howling,

when a shoot (maybe green) reaches, its brave roots holding fast;

maybe another will also take hold. maybe order will return

tranquility’s hues soothing

unwitnessed Earth




The word from dVerse Pub for Poets on this quadrille Monday is “tranquility”. Our publican, the puller of pints and poster of prompts, is Lilian. Go by the pub to read her interesting post and other poetic responses.


19 thoughts on “Tranquility #dVerse

  1. when a green shoot takes hold….hope in a small bit of life. It brings to mind the Big Island (Hawaii) and all the land covered by the recent lava flow. A house we rented three different times is no more. And yet, in years to come, there will be small shoots of life that will crack through hardened lava and the earth will renew itself.

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    • Ha! In the longer free form first draft I played with color more and the idea that in a post apocalyptic barren earth time, maybe even plants and their colors are different, so the green was as much nostalgic hoping as anything. But yeah, I liked how that felt/looked too, that parenthetical maybe green.
      Thank you.


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