Fare Thee Well

She perched in the back, said “I have to go.”

“Yes, but where to?”

She only shrugged and pointed so the cab driver continued south on the boulevard.

As they came along the park she chirped, “Here!” and he pulled to a stop, turned in his seat but she said she didn’t have the fare and hoped he would accept a song. Before he could protest, her singing filled the cab, filled him till he wept, unarticulated memories and longings staggering in his mind, words of gratitude and wonder stumbling in his throat.

She’d already flown away, the cab door left open.


I am a little late in joining Denise and the gang at Six Sentence Stories this week, where the prompt word is ‘fare’ to be used in exactly six sentences. I managed to combine that with Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt using the word ‘song’. Click Here to go to GirlieOntheEdge  to join in the Six Sentence challenge.  Click HERE to join Sammi’s challenge.

six sentence story copy


32 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well

  1. funny, reading through the comments above, I came to JoHawktheWriter’s comment and it prompted the thought, so who, really, is the protagonist in this story.
    Naturally, since we’re introduced to her first, we focus on the passenger. But given the effects the song has on the cab driver, perhaps he is the true protagonist.
    Your Sixes are always so full of potential questions and such.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I was just writing this situation, a scene, not really thinking about a storyline or roles. I love that flash fiction lets a piece be fluid and open to interpretation. I don’t know any more about these two than you, Dear Reader, but I am wholly gratified if you enjoyed it.


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