Back to the Garden


The Carrot Ranch prompt for August 1, 2019: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a rock star. You can feature a central character or write about  feeling like a rock star. Go where the prompt leads! I was led to add to my July 31st Six Sentence Story, Face Time, and to give a nod to Joni Mitchell’s song, Woodstock.


Back to the Garden

Without their devices, his children complained they had nothing to look at. “Look up,” he said.

They did. On a cloudless night his children looked up and saw a summer sky.

“Look at all the stars! What’s that big one there?”

“That’s a planet, one of the wanderers. Mars, fourth rock from the sun.”

“That one’s moving right across.”


Lying on their sleeping bags they identified what constellations they could. They had more fun inventing their own.

“Dad, look! A shooting star! Make a wish.”

“I already have,” he said. “You are stardust,” he whispered. “You are golden.”


23 thoughts on “Back to the Garden

  1. I love it when these special rock stars (ours being the 3rd rock amid all the stars) encourage joy, wonder and imagination. Without their phones, these youngsters will experience that. Good on you, Dad. 🙂

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