On this day Lady Lake is calm, her waves a soothing song, a gentle caress. On this day raging storms and surging ice are as distant as the hazy horizon. On the sun warmed rocks that pave the beach, I pick seven from among the millions and millions of smooth stones to build a small cairn. The stones, the seven and the millions, indulge me, and with them I laugh at myself, at this ridiculously human endeavor. I listen for the ancient stories of these water-worn stones. My labors wonโ€™t last but this cairn might stand for a day.


It’s a mashup! Denise at Six Sentence Stories has presented “wave” and Charli at Carrot Ranch has provided “for a day”. Charli also gave me the day of the cairn on the shores of her lake.ย 

working-template-for-ff-challenges41six sentence story copy

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  2. There is nothing like the waves to set our thoughts in motion and nothing like a collection of rocks to entice us to build a monument. You usually construct with words. Why not rocks too?

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