six sentence story copyOnce upon a time there was a princess who enjoyed long walks beyond the castle walls for the small escapes these forays provided, but because this increasingly concerned her father, the king, who thought it high time she settle down, she knew she needed to make each walk count as if it were her last.

One day the princess stole out and finally sat down on a mossy log beside a lily pad covered bog, just enjoying the bird sounds in the filtered sunlight and the deep bass croaking from the bog, when she became aware of an approaching frog; he spoke first, telling her all about a curse, and how all she had to do was kiss him and then he would be released and she would have a handsome prince with whom to live happily ever after in his castle.

The princess bent down to pick up the frog, then hurled him into the middle of the bog before walking quickly along until she again slowed to enjoy the everyday beauty of the wooded bog.

When the princess noticed another frog that hadn’t yet noticed her, she spoke first, asked the frog if he was cursed, and he answered that he was not, that is he certainly didn’t feel cursed, in fact quite the opposite, he felt blessed everyday that he got to enjoy where he was.

He did tell her that it was good she asked if he was that kind of frog because there was a spell on him that meant that if any human kissed him she would turn into a frog. The frog was appreciative that she was respectful enough to ask his permission before she kissed him, didn’t mind that she took advantage of his spell to escape into another life.


The word from Denise is “Escape”. Write a Six Sentence Story and link it at her site on Thursday. Check out girlieontheedge to read and write.

24 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Hey! Wait up!*

    *Compliment, of course lol**
    ** well, if you insist, because your story lured us in with a time-honored meme, made us stumble slightly at the half-way point and, while allowing every Reader to remain in the story-world they were in, provided a safe (and satisfying) ending***.

    *** Surely, if there was such a thing as an ‘Alice Award’, your Six this week would have received it.

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  2. What a delightful revision of an old tale! After her encounter with the first frog I thought perhaps she had a change of heart and didn’t want to leave her father and the castle after all, but in the end she made the perfect choice, escaping to a new world where all of her encounters would be based on instinct alone, and there was no one to limit her freedom. Not such a bad life at all I think!

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