pastedgraphic-3.pngAt least this institution serves quickly, she mused, facing her husband across their fast food trays.

It had been a trying morning of endless appointments and disappointments, with the most hopeful statement coming from a nurse who told her ‘hang tough, it’s a process’.

“Flag’s at half-mast,” he said, “Someone didn’t make it back.”

Tears sprang to her eyes, prompting him to take her hand and reassure her, “Hey, it’s okay, look, I’m right here.”

Yes, he was right here, but he hadn’t made it back. The absence of visible injuries only made dealing with the VA a tougher battle.


six sentence story copy


I’m mashing today. Thank you to Rochelle of Friday Fictioneers for the photo prompt, and J. Hardy Carroll for the photo. I also managed to use the prompt word ‘process’ from GirlieOntheEdge’s Six Sentence Story prompt. So there, 100 words, six sentences. Check out both sites to read and write.


66 thoughts on “Woundings

    • Thank you and another thing I learned at Carrot Ranch is the power of a few words. I think many times less truly is more. Flash fiction is like a potent concentrate. I love the exercise and in this case also had to be mindful of a sentence count, which can lead to sloppy grammar and syntax if one’s not careful.

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  1. “Yes, he was right here, but he hadn’t made it back.” That is the sentence that gets you right in the heart. So many have been and are being wounded in one way or another from what they have experienced as they prepare to defend their country and has they go away to fight their enemies.
    Your Six is a great reminder of an important subject.

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  2. Double horrible scenario: hospital and the scars (visible and otherwise) of war.
    At least the former has an opportunity albeit distant) to understand what is happening and what the people are doing on behalf of the institution. The latter, far removed from the reasonable and/or understandable.

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  3. Heartbreaking truth in this story, a good reminder for us today that freedom is never free, it comes at a high price for those who defend it and us. Dealing with the VA, or any govt entity is a nightmare of paperwork and redtape. I feel for our veterans and their families who have to deal with this stress along with the wounds they brought back, visible and otherwise. Very good story, powerful!

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  4. Excellent piece, D., which did remind me of something Charli would write. The beginning did lead me to think that she was suffering from some disease, however, and didn’t have much time, and then it twisted to the husband. We can but hope things work out for him.

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