six sentence story copySomehow this prompt word, release, prompted me to think of my Ag School Economics instructor’s mantra, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, a cautionary truism of hidden costs and effects, of the eventual accounting of any give and take.

Release, as a noun, is synonymous with relief, about which is sung, “Any day now, any day now, I shall be released” and of which Rumi wrote, “You have been released from ten successive prisons, each larger and containing the last”.

If there’s no such thing as a free lunch, then maybe release is also impossible, for in both the Dylan and Rumi quotes ‘release’ in the passive voice suggests, as well as a lack of power, a condition or cost.

Action and intent are necessary for the relief that is sought; to be released, one has to release, to actively let go.

A lunch can be freely given, and if it is also freely received, without doubt and suspicion, both parties are released from any debts or obligations; this quality of give and take might be rare, but is not impossible.

The Relief people seek comes from seeking nothing else, of seeking without attachments or conditions; release comes not from being let go, but from letting go without expecting anything in return.


These are the six sentences that came to me and I’ve let them go, freely.

And I have just recently become aware that it is Juneteenth. I don’t know if Denise did that on purpose or if it is a coincidence, but Juneteenth is “an American holiday that commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas, and more generally the emancipation of enslaved African Americans throughout the former Confederate States of America.” (Wikipedia)

Talk about release. But are we free from our history?

The prompt word is release. Write and read Six Sentence Stories at GirlieOntheEdge.

30 thoughts on “Unconditional

  1. While we have, in the past, seen a certain common application of the prompt word in the Sixes written, this week has a certain sense of the (prompt word) resonating; a similar sense of the word without any particularly overt similarity. (We all seem to be exploring parts of the same world of story ideas.*)

    *not necessarily a real place… for some.

    Enjoyed your Six much the way I imagine people enjoy a Smörgåsbord

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    • Dude, I haven’t been out and about to read yet, just glad to have received six sentences.
      I just play with words, usually through flash fiction or poetry. This week I wanted to play with the prompt word in essay form. (Creative non-fiction?) If there are similarities, commonalities in the responses, it may be related to the tendency to go passive with this word? People are always hoping for release, wanting to be released. The power of the word is in its active form; re-lease, let go.
      But maybe I should read the rest of the Sixes before pintificating further.


  2. Enjoyed from top to bottom, with lots of nods of agreement.
    I have found, when something is troubling me, if I mentally package it and physically blow it into my cupped hands, then gently blow it to release it into the Universe, that the worry goes away, and if a solution is needed, it arrives.

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  3. “. . .to be released, one has to release, to actively let go.”
    There’s the rub. In some instances it requires learning to truly forgive, without any expectation from the offender, before being able to actively let go. When the desire for peace, for release from whatever has bound you, is strong enough you wonder why it took you so long.
    Thought provoking Six!

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  4. “..release comes not from being let go, but from letting go without expecting anything in return.”

    This damn says it all now, doesn’t it. I thoroughly enjoyed your Six!
    Btw, a purely serendipitous event. I was not consciously aware it was Juneteenth 🙂

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  5. “…to be released, one has to release, to actively let go.” – this was an excellent essay on the true nature of release. Eventually, most of us hopefully reach a point in life where we realize that we hold the power to release ourselves from the burdens, demons, and other prisons we stay confined by. Just as you say, it requires action, be that mental, spiritual, or physical. To truly be “free at last” is a wonderful feeling!!

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