Continuing Education

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The word from Denise this week is “extension”, the mission, to write six sentences, a story perhaps, that incorporates that word. I have had spotty attendance with the Six Sentence Story gang but endeavored to have a contribution this week. Go over to Girlieonthe Edge to read and write.

 Continuing Education

“It is fair, because I don’t grant anyone an extension, especially students that have missed classes as much as you have and who don’t seem to realize the importance of a final paper that is due tomorrow. Looks as if you have a long night ahead of you.”

“But, Sir, I do the work, I just need more time, you don’t understand…”

“What I understand is that everyone in my classes is expected to turn their work in on time, and that everyone in my classes learns the importance of punctuality and responsibility; that’s how one gets ahead in this world, not through enabling and extensions.”

The young woman stared silent and expressionless at the teacher before turning and slamming the door hard, racing down the steps and to the bus stop, anxious to get to her job before the night shift, her second shift that day, knowing that her brothers and sisters and incapacitated mother relied on her.

The teacher shrugged and wondered at the audacity of some of these students these days, always expecting the world to hand them a living.

26 thoughts on “Continuing Education

  1. ah! perspective my favorite form of magic*
    one is tempted to wrestle Bill Blake to the ground, a handful of markers in hand, laughing…. “Yeah? well next to eternity? gonna label it the endless past and the universe?!! gimme the blue one, I’m gonna tag that wildflower with names and titles so small you’ll need a magnifying glass to see your eyelids in order to squint.”**

    err. good Six.

    *so much more easily acquired, here in this place of thoughts and written words
    ** lol somehow that made sense … at least your subsequent readers will be able to relax as they comment (‘there, but for the grace of god…”)

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  2. Wow.
    Well done, D.
    Teacher is certainly in need of some “education” his own self! Inflexibility and judgement don’t come to mind when I think of teachers, especially in the times we now live. Familial responsibilities seem to have gotten more complex in today’s culture.


    • Hey, I made it in this week.
      Could be the teacher here is anyone who makes presumptions without knowing the whole story, anyone who doesn’t extend understanding and empathy. I was just playing with words and ideas, in six sentences, no more no less. Thanks for the prompt! (I’ve been so busy I haven’t managed the last couple, and it bugs the heck out of me when I skip.)


  3. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the world in which we live and just as many opportunities to finally learn, unfortunately often in hindsight accompanied by regret for not seeing the full picture.
    Great Six.

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