Scaling Mountains CCC#29/SSS


If I stand back in the slanted light from the high windows I can see the tonsured tops of my mountains far off in the distance. I forgive my father his decision, but I wonder if he knew when he sent me here how like a prison it is.

My older and my younger sisters went easily to the men that were swayed by their beauty and their domestic arts, traits gained from my mother, but there was no man that would chance a marriage to me, the strange girl who wanders the mountains and talks to the trees. So my father finally brought me here, to be wed to Jesus.

I will not remain here with the others, burning candles, keening for life and praying for Jesus to find his way through the labyrinth of these cold dark halls.

Tonight I will slip out and return to the mountains, and, God willing, my beloved shall meet me there.

six sentence story copy.jpg


Another mashup, two-prompt-one-response-combo this week. The picture prompt is from Crimsonprose challenge #29 and the 159 word six sentences including “mountain” is for GirlieOnthe Edge’s Six Sentence Story prompt. Click over to both sites to read more responses to these fine prompts. 


24 thoughts on “Scaling Mountains CCC#29/SSS

  1. I really like this. Though I confess (apt, considering the prompt and your story) that while reading it a line of a song rang through my head. The hills are alive … with the Sound of Music. Your protag here so reminded by of the novice Maria

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  2. Another satisfying glimpse into another’s reality.*
    What a magnificent choice of words….keening for life’ how much difference it makes, to keep us from smiling in comfortable recognition of a cultural value available to keep the world safe.

    * as to fiction or fact, reality, I would maintain is above that particular distinction, if the Reader is so inclined.

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    • Thank you. I will tell you: I had a seventh sentence in this at first that made it more clear who her beloved is, but I jettisoned the paragraph to get the Six. And it’s better written and better read in it’s pruned version. Point being, meeting the constraints of writing prompts is good practice.


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