Cooler Warming


six sentence story.jpgWell, I’m compacting curriculum here, hitting two prompts with one response, in 99 words and six sentences. If you read the extended version of  “Arch Way” on the Ernest/ Marge page you’ll know that the gang is in the yard behind the two bay garage building a Japanese pagoda-like she-shed and a Zen rock garden. Charli’s prompt this week is to write a story without ice in 99 words (no more, no less),while Denise at GirlieontheEdge would have us write a story with the word “frame” in six sentences, no more, no less. As an added bonus I am sharing Ilene’s beer margarita recipe at the end. It is tasty and refreshing and not as dangerous as you might drink. Think responsibly.


Cooler Warming

“Marge, any ice cubes left in the cooler for my beer margarita?”

“Outta ice, we’ll have to finish framing the shed under less than ideal conditions, though there’s still beer, thank goodness.”

“It’s a cycle, Ilene, we run out of ice sometimes, but it’ll come back, like I told my nephew when he said the polar icecaps are melting.”

“Nard, you didn’t spread lies to that boy about climate change!”

“Told him things work in cycles, Marge, told him not to worry, then took him fishing.”

Kris whispered, “Leave it, Marge, he knows; Nard cried so hard that night.”



 Ilene Higginbottom’s Beer Margaritas

In a large pitcher combine a bottle of light beer, like Corona, a bottle of Mike’s Hard cherry lemonade, and a bottle of a fruity light beer or shandy. Or at least three bottles of something like that. Combine those three bottles with a half a can or so of frozen limeade concentrate and a half pint or so of tequila. Stir, add ice if you have it, and enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Cooler Warming

  1. Thanks, I ‘m glad you like it. It feels a little like cheating to me, mashing prompts and using these characters just to get a flash out. They started building the shed last week, though I don’t think I actually posted that part; it’s on their page.
    I suppose by framing a shed they’re actually building a box.


  2. (in reference to above comment), I would submit ‘framing the shed’ not only is a valid way of saying it, it is the vernacular. In construction (at least in my part of the country), there are ‘framers’ who construct the …er structure, of a building, then the other trades come in; framing crews and everything.
    As evidenced at the Doctrine, I am following the path less travelled in a my attempt to multi-post (or would that better be, multi-prompt a post?).
    My compliments. Way not as easy as you make it look.
    Your post is engaging, a nice little story-ette*.
    Plus they’re familiar characters, which always adds to the enjoyment.

    *not a ‘real’ word.

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    • Thank you sir(s). I do enjoy these characters and sometimes just have to do as they tell me as they tell me to do. “Frame” was convenient as they were onto building the she-shed anyway, and of course there is beer in coolers there. How else do you get free labor? (Legally)
      Uh, when is the dictionary of Clarkisms coming out, the comprehensive listing of ‘not real words’ ?

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    • Aw, but at least we see Nard becoming more sensitive, not always a peckerhead as Marge likes to call him. I’ll likely continue the scene and show more clearly how Nard figures it’s better to not bombard kids with the scientific and statistical facts, but to get them outdoors and interacting with nature. Teach them to love the planet before they learn to be afraid for its very existence.

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    • Yes. And yes. I am not sure if Ilene remembered the recipe exactly, but those are the proportions, the three bottles could even be all Corona, but that’s boring.
      Nard was just trying to allay his nephew’s fears, let him be a kid. I think Marge is going to be flustered as she wanted to be angry about climate change and argue and was not expecting Nard to be sad.

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  3. Kris? Do we know Kris? I don’t remember. Is he Nard’s partner? I don’t think much of Ilene’s Margaritas – not my style – but I don’t think much of a world without ice either. If only Nard was right.

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    • We know Kris, the parts man and yes, Nard’s love interest. After all these years. Even Nard knows he’s not right, but he figures the right thing to do is downplay it for his nephew’s sake. The truth is scary and should we expect kids to handle the truth?
      As far as that Margarita recipe, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
      PS, this just got continued.


  4. What jumps out at me in your flash is some compassionate understanding for those who “spread lies.” To some people, the loss is so keen, they don’t want the younger generation to lose hope. Thanks for that insight and –wow– that recipe!


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