Earthenware (d’Verse quadrille # 80)


unearthed vessel

chalky white, fine-lined fissures

a potter’s art?


shake out the friable soil, rich

to see it is an artifact of little value


pictures no longer held

tattered, ashen

canvas rotted


all that’s left two empty frames

hollow sockets in an unearthed skull.



Kim is our host at d’Verse Poets Pub today. She wants us  “to take any meaning, form or compound of the prompt word, rich, and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title).”

(I’m also consideringing a possible mashup with Six Sentence Stories prompt word “frame”)

18 thoughts on “Earthenware (d’Verse quadrille # 80)

  1. I love your archaeological quadrille! It is timely as I’m reading an excellent series of archaeological crime thrillers by Elly Griffiths. Her main protagonist is Dr Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist who helps the Norfolk Constabulary with unusual cases. I would love to unearth some buried treasures, even something ordinary like an earthenware vessel or something more intriguing like a skull. Your quadrille leaves me wanting to know more!

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  2. I guess we never know the whole story, but then again, pieces of pottery–or skulls–can also tell us a lot.
    We went on a walk in Philadelphia led by two archeologists a couple of weeks ago. It was interesting hearing the perspective of history from the archeological viewpoint.

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