Twofer Trees

working-template-for-ff-challenges-1.pngThe May 16, 2019, Carrot Ranch prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that goes in search of trees. It can be one particular tree, a grove, woods, or forest. What makes the tree worth seeking? Go where the prompt leads!

Trees we have written about before. A year ago they cropped up in my flash on property values. More recently the colonnade prompt led many to trees, with my three sisters turning into trees. But Charli’s daughter needs more trees. Here are two unrelated stories for her and there are many more growing at the Ranch. See more of Ernest and Marge, including an extension of this scene, HERE.


Arch Way

Marge supervised. The guys had come by to plant two Japanese maples, their gift to her and Ernest.

“Nuptials. Epic.”

“Lloyd, get outta the way. No guys, turn it just a bit more. There!”

“Look out Nick, she’s got a knife!”

“Shut up, Nard. Spot me.”

Standing in the wheelbarrow, Marge sliced the branches of the two maples that crossed each other over the foot worn path. Then she bound them together with cloth.

“Spliced for life, husband and wife trees. Epic.”

“We can’t get married until you finish the Zen garden Lloyd.”

“Zen what will your excuse be?”


Knowledge of Tree

He’d gone to her, as most did, as a last resort.

“The peace you seek is held by a special tree.”

And so he wandered. He’d crossed desert landscapes and alpine heights but none of the few trees encountered were the one. Deep in the forests he searched among the many trees, seeking the special one.

After many seasons he knew well the different tribes of trees, recognized their many gifts. Resting now, back against a sturdy trunk, cooled by the leafy whispering shade, he realized he had long ago ceased to search for the one. He sighed, content.


13 thoughts on “Twofer Trees

  1. Good two, D.
    As usual, I enjoyed the Marge/Ernest/Nard exchanges. They’re always fun.
    Your reflective, philosophical piece in search of the tree of knowledge is an interesting contrast. There is not but one source of knowledge. We must seek it everywhere, but we must also be careful to ensure we know which trees bear truth.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Spliced for life! I love it! I’m seriously going to encourage my daughter to plant two acers and splice them into partnership trees. The easy banter of these friends makes their stories fun to read. I also appreciated the man in search of the one, finding the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Boss. You will no doubt get to see the “Love Tree” in my brother’s yard this summer. (It made itself, we’re not a romantic tribe) There’s more banter added to this story and the previous one on their page. They were talkative.

      Yeah, I hope that second 99 worked. It was a fine walk in the words woods at any rate.


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