Plow Shares


Her little boy and her daughters did what chores they were able to do. The boy, the youngest, wasn’t scolded when he sometimes fell to playing. But this?

Flinging the stick, she stalked off to the barn.

“Ma, it was just pretendin’!”

He’d never known his father and older brother who used to do the heavy fieldwork, who’d left together, eyes bright with adventure, assuring her, ‘Back before harvest time’.

Pressing her forehead against the horse’s broad neck she confessed her worries.

She’d not allow another son to play at war.

She harnessed the horse and hitched the plow.


The Carrot Ranch May 2, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about sisu. It’s a Finnish concept of enduring strength, the ability to consistently overcome. Think long-term. Go where the prompt leads!


19 thoughts on “Plow Shares

    • When I read Charli’s prompt I knew the character would be a woman even before I knew the story. Nowadays more than a stick needs to be flung. Too many video “games” that are “playing at” violence, desensitizing our young and keeping them from more wholesome pursuits.

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      • Quite so! I recall years ago reading an interview with some senior army type person who noted the ease with which the young were entering the army and handling weapons, also their ability to hit targets with deadly accuracy was greatly improved due to gaming practise. Now we see the results outside of the armed forces on a regular basis. The world needs more of our feminine strength!!

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  2. I often wonder when we will be able to give up that very, very, very long term abortion called “War.” Countries have tried, but there is always some country doing something somewhere that kills millions for land, for lust, for religion, and a myriad of causes forcing friends and neighbors to fight for their own existence.

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