For Now

Many of those who mistook her royal husband for the court jester soon disappeared, so the mistake was made less often, or at least people were careful not to wonder aloud about the brightly colored buffoon that she had wed.

She herself had never found him amusing, or charming, or anything at all except rich; she had agreed to marry him only for the financial stability the arrangement bestowed, entering into the marriage contract with the frumpy older man with the understanding that she was to maintain her looks, as he believed that she made him look good. Another important clause in their business arrangement was that she was not to speak against him, in fact she was not to have any opinion or voice at all. She felt this wasn’t much to give up in return for designer clothes.

Idly looking down on the mobs that clashed in the dirty pot-holed streets below her tower, she knew she was supposed to root for the ones in the caps, the ones that supported her husband, but she really didn’t care anymore what happened to any of the people way down there in the streets. Now she was a princess, who, once upon a time, sold herself to an unstable man who’d sell his own soul to buy out the world; now she didn’t care for much of anything, content, she supposed, with her financial stability, for now.


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It’s Six Sentence Story time. The word of the week is “stable”, brought to us by Denise Farley. Click on over to GirlieOnTheEdge to read more six sentence stories or to leave one of your own.

33 thoughts on “For Now

    • Not necessarily, though this prompt usually does instigate my longer pieces. I am a little less fussy about syntax with them; they are good drafts for later revisions if I wish. My six sentence stories tend to have less dialogue too, as speech uses up a lot of end marks. Over the past two years this prompt has birthed some of my favorite characters. (These here are not favorite characters; this story emerged from the idea of stable and its opposite, instability)

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  1. So.
    Good Six (Interesting and engaging)
    Good something else (about-theme-/-varieties-of-human-condition-that-all-our-wordifying-attempts-to-hold-up-for… better understanding? appreciation? identification?*)

    * ah ha!**
    So, when dealing with a theme that might arguably be grounded in gender, (though, by no means, limited exclusively to one or the other mainstream gendae), is the goal an accurate portrayal of a life situation or, is it nobler to go afield and portray a situation/theme in a manner that encourages identification by members of the other classes (of Readers).
    Just a thought.
    Seeing how I’ve been on pretty good behavior these last few Sixes…

    ** Warning! Veering off Normal Comment Highway, like a Model T with a drunk and angry car thief behind the wheel, and the cops one intersection behind.

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    • This is simply a short six sentence tale of a life situation, no more, no less. But with anything told, readers will interpret and identify as they will and that’s okay, that’s the bargain between reader and writer.
      Always a pleasure, good sirs.


  2. She didn’t care about herself when she sold her soul to a tower troll masquerading a some great royalty so I doubt she cares for the cap royalists or anyone harmed by her husbands insanity. What a frightful fairy tale!

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  3. A well written SSS that sounds all too similar to the path some have taken and perhaps don’t realize the error of their ways until too late.

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  4. I couldn’t give up my voice or opinion for any amount of money. She sold her soul just as much as her husband did. She may not care about anything anymore, but having money and status is still enough to make her content.

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