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I’m kind of late to the Six Sentence Story this week. I am returning with a character who was last here a couple of months ago in a story entitled Silence Shared which was itself a continuation of earlier stories. The prompt word from Denise this week is “type” and six sentences is the allotment. Click over to GirlieOntheEdge to read more or to leave a Six of your own.


Jimmy had known what was cool and what wasn’t, and though he’d never mentioned empty seats specifically, I knew they were not cool, that is, the kid surrounded by empty seats was not cool, but I also suspected the type of kid that has lunch in a classroom with a teacher wasn’t cool either. But on the third day of school, the third day of sitting alone, Ms. Ellsworth said she could use my help, that a new student, Jamie, had just arrived and was feeling shy and could use a friend. Yeah, right, but it was hard to say no to a teacher, and truth is I wasn’t looking forward to the cafeteria again, truth was I could use a friend too, now that the one friend I’d ever had was dead.

This poor new kid, what were his parents thinking, getting him into school two and a half days late, unless he had played hookey, that would be cool; I never did, but Jimmy used to play hookey now and again. I was sitting there thinking about that and that the new kid’s name, Jamie, was too much like ‘Jimmy’ when this Jamie strode in and sat right down across from me. Maybe things had gone from bad to worse, but Jimmy once said that some girls could be cool, and I figured this one had to be cooler than sitting alone, because the first thing she told me is that she’d been playing hookey for the first two and a half days of school.




“La grange aussi? Totalement? Tres bon. Merci.”

He and Hope looked on as she set the phone down. “What’s the news?”

Startled, she brought them into focus. “Oh. Do you think Luciene would mind the animals? I want to go across the border in the morning. I want you and Hope to go with me.”

The next day he and Hope stood back while she walked among the silent ashes, all that remained of her past. Embers of memory flashed fire in her eyes. “There’s nothing left.” She smiled at them. “It’s all gone. We can go home now.”


“That must have been one hell of a hot fire, to leave nothing behind like that.”

“Oui. The neighbor said the firemen came but just watched it burn, there was no point in putting it out, an empty abandoned house, nothing around it to catch fire except the barn and when that caught they let it go too. It ended a lot of mess.”

“Mom, do you wish you’d seen the actual fire?”

He raised an eyebrow at Hope in the rearview. She’d asked what he’d been wondering.

“Not really, Hope. I saw exactly what I needed to see.”


A double dose of that farm family from The Fold in response to the Carrot Ranch April 4, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about fire. It can be a flame that burns or a light that inspires. Follow the flames and go where the prompt leads!


How D’ya Do Buckaroo?

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