Rising; Quadrille #78/dVerse


eggs sawed open from inside

shoots shouldering through the soil

emerging from the darkness

rising requires work

curled buds unfurling

pages unfold; leaves

proclaim to know the secrets

kept by dormant roots

darkness imagines colors

mysteries made visible

striving to the light

rooted, rising



dverselogo.jpgMerrill is pulling the pints at d’Verse Pub today, and entreats us to, “Arise, dVerse Poets! Join in the quadrille fun: Write a poem, of any style in 44 words, not including the title. Include the word or derivative of the word, ‘rise’.”

had already written lines six through ten as a tanka so kept going with lines of 7 or 5 syllables, ending with four syllables for the Quadrille word count. It’s called haiquadrikinda. (Kidding; it’s called recycling and repurposing) 

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