“It’s the beginnin’ a the end, Pal.”

“Now what’s troublin’ ya, Kid?”

“Our writer. Likely gonna fergit all about us. As yer wont to remind me, we’re fictional characters, Pal. If she don’t write us we don’t exist.”

Wont, Kid, really? Stay in character. What’s goin’ on?”

“That dang D. Avery. Ya know she’s the featured haiku writer at Pure Haiku for the theme of emergence. Why not me Pal? I kin haiku…

Crusted cow patties

Snow cheeked fields; brown tears spring forth

Winter’s passing marked.”

“Really, Kid? Cow patties? This is why we git left at the Ranch.”



“Well, I jist hope our writer don’t git too big fer her britches is all.”

“Uh, she kinda is Kid, but thet’s more ta do with her bad habits as anythin’.”

“I’m still worried she’s gonna fergit us. Ya know she’s gonna be in the next Serious Flash Fiction Anthology. And she’s gittin’ a piece a writin’ published in the Santa Barbara Literary Journal.”

“We’re in the SBLitJo?!”

“Not us, Pal. That girl Marlie and her Destiny doll. ‘Jist go where the prompt leads’. Hmmf. This’ll lead ta trouble.”

“Only thing troubled is you Kid. Jist say congratulations.”



These two, Kid and Pal, are usually restricted to their own Ranch Yarn page or can be found around Carrot Ranch. I apologize and will try to round them up. I do encourage you to visit Pure Haiku if you haven’t already to read the fine contributions to Freya’s Emergence theme. I am thrilled to be the Featured Haiku Writer for this theme and to have my work published at Pure Haiku all this week. 

8 thoughts on “Emergence

    • Thank you very much. Can’t wait to find out more regarding the print publications. It is wonderful to be at PureHaiku; there’s some beautiful writing over there, so it’s an honor. “Emergence” has been running since the beginning of March and I am featured there this week.


  1. Kid and Pal have nothing to worry about — they already exist in the imaginations of many. As for their handler, well, look at you shine D.! A rising star, following her true north. Mighty fine trail creds you are building up. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

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