Denise Farley, How D’ya Do?

IMG_2270.jpgHere we are, the third Friday of the month, time once again to meet a blogger who prompts others to write. Denise Farley is the current helmsman for the Six Sentence Story ship, a fun prompt that I have participated off and on with for about two years. It is my pleasure to present Denise here.

Denise, how d’ya do?

Hey, D. Avery. Thank you for having me at your blog today and hello everyone! My name is Denise Farley author at, creator of, GirlieOnTheEdge. Originally from Rhode Island, I presently live in Northern VA, in the D.C. metro area. Despite its name, the Edge is a laid-back place, housing an eclectic mix of posts, music, and musings. Search back through the archives and you’ll see there’s a little bit of everything. I’m huge into music so there’s no lack of music videos. It’s also the weekly meetup spot for the Six Sentence Story blog hop.

What other social media do you use?

Ya got me! I’m not very adept at the social media thing. GirlieOnTheEdge is my main gig and I share it, and other writers’ posts, on the FB and Twitter (you can reach me at Denise Farley @GirlieOnTheEdge) and on Pinterest. Why Pinterest? I can’t tell you but back in the day it seemed the thing to do. Since hosting the SSS and “getting out of the house a lot more”, I’ve picked up a few things. Blows my mind, the power that is social media. I’ll be looking to broaden my social horizons very soon.

Describe the Six Sentence Story challenge. How/when did you come to be the host of this challenge?

The Six Sentence Story challenge is a weekly writing prompt in which the writer is tasked with using a designated prompt word in a story, poem, or excerpt from a work in progress, anything of a creative nature. The hook is that it be written in exactly 6 sentences. No more. No less. Six Sentence Stories was originally the brainchild of Josie Two Shoes. Some years back Zoe, of Uncharted, assumed the mantle of hosting from Josie and when Zoe made the decision to relinquish her hosting duties, she passed the torch to me, officially on March 11, 2018. I can’t believe it’s already been a year!

Has it? Congratulations on your year! Denise, how do you determine the prompt word every week?

Lately, it’s whenever a word pops into my head that “feels” right. Ideally, a word that has multiple meanings, that can be used in different contexts. Believe it or not, I’d experienced a bit of angst for a short time about choosing a “good” prompt word, I mean, how difficult can it be, right? But for some reason I was all up in my head thinking, “oh man, this is a sucky word, what if no one likes it”. Kinda silly I know. Last winter I decided I’d better snap out of it. When did this (aspect of hosting) stop being fun?! So for a couple of weeks I’d find arbitrary, fun and silly ways to come up with the prompt word like I’d pull out 6 magazines and lay them side by side. I’d close my eyes, open each magazine and, with eyes still closed, lay my finger on the page. I’d open my eyes and whatever word my finger had landed I wrote that word on a little piece of paper and put it into a paper bag. Shake, shake, shake, and presto! Like pulling a rabbit out of my hat… out came the week’s prompt word.

You also participate as a writer every week. What other writing do you do?

Not enough. Six Sentence Stories has been my main writing lately. There’s a novella screaming at me for more attention. I’ve used some excerpts from it for a couple of 6’s recently. Every now and again, I’ll write some poetry. (Poetry has been in my coffer for many a year, kind of the mainstay of my youth) It’s been some time, but I enjoyed participating in a couple of collaborative serial writing projects. Truth be told, I’m finding my way back to writing more content at Girlie. I’ve missed it.

What is necessary to your writing process?

Quiet. While there have been occasions I’ve been inspired to write creatively with music playing in the background, most of the time I prefer a quiet atmosphere. And, I prefer to write in the bedroom.

What have you enjoyed the most hosting and participating in the SSS challenge?

I love the interaction and community of other writers, discovering new blogs, reading such a varied assortment of storylines and poetry and words each week. I really enjoy what I call the choreographic aspect of hosting the SSS. I love searching for quotes by writers. On an unconscious level, I think I look for quotes that somehow coincide with or complement the prompt word. I totally enjoy the challenge of trying to get people excited about participating each week! Most of all, I love that writing a Six Sentence Story each week challenges me as a writer to be a better writer. A simple investment with a huge return.

How long have you been blogging? Is there more about the name of your blog that you’d like to share?

Sometimes it feels as if it was just yesterday. I launched my blog in 2009. Funny, when I decided I was going to publish a blog, the name seemed to be waiting in the wings, waving from behind the curtain. “Girlie” was a nickname given me by someone a very long time ago. “OnTheEdge” was just me. Always on or walking the edge of something…

What do you want for your blog?

I’d like to think that one day GirlieOnTheEdge might be the comfortable, off the beaten path coffee shop everyone’s heard about and stops into at least once. A place where everyone feels comfortable to hang out and share in creative exchanges, a place of identification and community, entertainment and perhaps a bit of enlightenment.

If you could go back, what is one thing you would have done differently regarding your blog?

Aside from a few things on the technical side, I don’t know that I would have done anything differently. Looking for a creative outlet, I created GirlieOnTheEdge pretty much on a self-dare, a way to step out of my comfort zone. No grand expectations. I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants and enjoying one heck of a ride. It’s been an amazing journey.

Describe or list any publications of yours.

Other than a poem published in a poetry anthology, oh about 30 years ago, no publications. Yet!!

Well, thank you Denise, for the weekly prompt and link up. Six Sentence Stories is a lot of fun. Thank you for visiting here at ShiftnShake.

Next up in the How D’Ya Do interview series is Sammi Cox on May 3rd.

10 thoughts on “Denise Farley, How D’ya Do?

  1. good read
    I too am a fan (and follower) of the Six Sentence Story. I find it both challenging and educational (to write and to read, respectively).
    Especially interesting the answer to your question on how prompt words are selected.

    Thats all for me for now. Gonna click on The Write Stuff. see whats over there*

    *yes, kind of a softball…at least I hope it means I’ll find this interview there.

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