April’s Fool; Open Link Night #241

dverselogo.jpgApril’s Fool

With a red winged brush

spring paints. Golden blooms

star yesterday’s snow.

Muddy canvas greens.

With birdsong hope and

bud-swell promises

all you need to know

you might never learn.

Always April comes.

Even to fools who

do not recognize

what they always need.


It is Open Link Night at D’Verse. I haven’t managed a poem here lately. This one I had started for the April Fool’s Day Haibun Monday but it turned into a quadrille with nowhere to go and then I got even busier. Go by the pub where Frank is serving and the villanelle challenge is still on.

27 thoughts on “April’s Fool; Open Link Night #241

  1. There is a life lesson here. Many of us search for the meaning of life during every breath taken. As each lifetime approaches winter, we only possess nuggets of truth, mere pieces of the puzzle.

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  2. I’m so pleased that you finished your April Fool’s Day haibun, even if it did turn into a quadrille with nowhere to go! I enjoyed the personification and painterly colours of spring in this one, the way ‘Golden blooms star yesterday’s snow’ and the ‘bud-swell promises’.

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  3. This sparked some wonderful thoughts for me D. How do we ever know if we know all we need to? and for me, the other side of that is my belief that, if we are “awake” to life, we are learning every day. So one can never reach a point of knowing “all” we need, because our needs are constantly in flux, owing to the impact of the outside world. Well, I just went off the deep end there… sorry! Beautiful poem, I enjoyed it D! 🙂

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