How D’ya Do Buckaroo?

35 thoughts on “How D’ya Do Buckaroo?

  1. You asked wonderful questions, D. that allowed Charli to shine in her own limelight. She’s usually shining the spotlight on the buckaroos. It’s good to see it shining back on her.

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  2. Wow, what a wonderfully inspiring interview, D and Charli! I loved every word of it, and I’m amazed at the time and talent involved in making Carrot Ranch a true community! I will be checking it out in full as soon as I can. (Still digging my way out of a very deep hole, here). But I won’t forget! And I have a feeling I’ll be back to re-read parts of this terrific interview that I need to ponder a bit longer. Super questions, super answers, and much to learn here! And D, thanks for reblogging it on The Write Stuff. Hope a lot of folks stopped by. 🙂 ❤

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