Do you have a burning need to write? What lights your fire? Are you inflamed by writing prompts?

Recently I started an interview series here at my blog to show my appreciation for bloggers that offer writing prompts to those of us who might need that spark of inspiration. Thinking about prompts led me to thinking about the fire triangle.

The three elements of fire used to get taught in school; apparently it has been upgraded to the fire tetrahedron so that the inherent chemical chain reaction is represented along with oxygen, fuel, and heat. But I digress, probably because this is unprompted and there are no word count restraints.


Recall that the presence of these three elements sustains the reaction that is fire. Fuel is the combustible material, sufficient heat raises the material to its ignition temperature, and oxygen sustains the combustion. Fire.


We all have fuel to burn. Maybe neatly stacked, maybe lying about in a rough pile, maybe still to be foraged and gathered up, we all have raw material to fuel our writing. But what ignites that fuel and coaxes it into flame, into those excited molecules of the exothermic chain reaction? What makes us put pen to paper and write?

It doesn’t take much, does it? The fuel is there and the heat is there. A prompt is ample ignition. Just a one word spark is often enough to set off the reaction. The heat builds and the flames roar and pop all around as the writing community bursts into action with their responses. It doesn’t take much to coerce a glowing ember to leap to life, to feed ravenously on the combustible materials that have amassed. A prompt can be the flashpoint, encouraging comments the oxygen that keeps the combustion going, fanning the flames of a creative firestorm.

I am grateful for the warming campfires that light up this part of the blogosphere. I would be a smoldering coal, cooling to charcoal, were it not for the prompts that ignite my imagination and have me reaching for the woodpile of inspiration and ideas. In thanks, I’ll stoke the fire every first and third Friday here at ShiftnShake and invite you to come by and get to know some prompting bloggers better.

Freya Pickard and Marcia Meara have already graced my hearth, and next week Charli Mills will be by. I have included the schedule that I have set so far. I will be reaching out to more folks and if you would like to be interviewed for this series, feel free to contact me.



March 1st -Freya from PureHaiku


March 15th –Marcia from The Write Stuff


April 5th – Charli from Carrot Ranch


April 19th– Denise from GirlieOntheEdge


May 3rd – Sammi from SammiScribbles


May 17th – Anne Goodwin from annethology


June 7th – Kat Myrman from Like Mercury Colliding


June 21st–    ???

10 thoughts on “Flashpoint

  1. Excellent series, D. While I respond to prompts avidly rather than prompt, if you’re looking at others, and they may be on your list already, you could consider Sue Vincent at the Daily Echo, Don Manzano, Esther Chilton, Diane Wallace Peach and Paula Light. If you need blog links let me know. Oh and don’t forget Chelsea commenting above. Her terrible poetry prompt goes from strength to strength…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate this, thank you. Yes, Sue is definitely on my list to contact, and the others. I am starting out with the prompts that I have participated in more or less regularly. Which isn’t to say what I do or where I go is better best, it’s just my comfortable neighborhood and what I can currently handle.
      I’m funny about photo prompts; they either spark something immediately or not and I don’t have the time to force a response, nor do I want a response to come off as forced. Diane has been getting a terrific response to hers though. Seems like folks are having a lot of fun with terrible poetry too. I worry every time I pen a poem that’s what it is so that’s a bit awkward, but I will definitely be checking out more and reaching out more and appreciate the leads. Or was it a prompt?

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