The Place Between

The Place Between

They know where you live, know that the rock is slowly but surely bearing down on that hard place where you have come to reside, that only place you’ve ever known.

You hear the contempt, the disdain and disbelief in their voices, “Just move, Man”; hear them mutter, “Some people can’t get out of their own way” but you can’t move, you’re feeling the pinch; the pinch has become a steady grind and an oppressive weight, as heavy as their contempt.

Though from the inside the opening to a trap cannot be seen, from there you hear their derisions for your scrabbling and scratching, but they will not help you away from the hard place where you have come to reside.

The rock now your only view, blocking out the light, its interminable rolling the noise that keeps you awake at night, squeezing any hope from your constricted dreams.

They are afraid; for if that rock, the one bearing down on you in your hard place, if that rock should shatter and fall apart, they are afraid of what you might do with the pieces as you pick them up.

For now you scratch your art into the face of that boulder, fingers bleeding and raw.

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The Six Sentence Story prompt from Denise this week is “place”. This is the place the prompt took me to. Be sure to click over to GirlieOnTheEdge to add your Six Sentences to the mix, or just to read and comment. 

27 thoughts on “The Place Between

  1. Very thought provoking! Moving on, and leaving what has been one’s life, however difficult it has been, seems to be next to impossible for some for fear of walking out of one trap and into another, one that they no nothing about.
    Impressive SSS.

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  2. Well, damn!, D! Excellent 6.
    No. No one can know exactly another individual’s “hard place” although some of us can identify with the struggle.I agree with Pat that more people than not are unable to carve their way out of that place to embrace forming/creating a new “place”.

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  3. What a cheery little Six!*lol
    And, what higher praise is there for our little exercise in creativity? Finding the words that shape the story that rings the soul of the reader as they overlay their experience on your prose? Very cool.

    * a compliment**
    ** validation of my appreciation of the force of your Six, two words: identification.

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    • I appreciate your compliment. I compliment your compliment, loving that phrase, “the words that shape the story that rings the soul of the reader as they overlay their experience on your prose”. I have enjoyed and benefitted by having readers overlay and interpret my prose and poetry here; stories are interactive, a two way street. So thank you very much for giving more life to my efforts.


  4. A powerful and dark six sentences. Many people are overly eager to offer advice and suggestions and nowhere to be found when it’s time to actually help. Maybe they deserve what happens when someone finally moves and picks up those pieces?

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