March Mathness

th.jpegToday is March 14th, or as we abbreviate the date here in the states, 3/14. Pi Day! I thought I might simply reblog last year’s post (check it out, it’s a good one) but then I decided to try what Kat Mryman has been up to for the month of March. She has been writing and posting  a daily Pi-Archimedes poem, a non-rhyming six lined poem, the number of words in each line matching the first six digits of Pi, 3.14159…

th-1.jpegIf you check out my post from last year you’ll see that I have played with Pi before, but this is my first Pi- Archimedes poem. I was delighted to see the form at Kat’s site and have been enjoying her poems in this unique form. Yes, there will be a Pi-etry station  in my math classes. Anyway, here is my attempt:


Winter leads, Spring


in its own time


in temperature and daylight

repeating themes, rise and fall; songs on the wing.


15 thoughts on “March Mathness

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