International Women’s Day

Dang! March 8th has come and gone, International Women’s Day, and what did I do about it? Not much. I went to work as usual, traveled for work with women friends over the weekend, a fun event out of the ordinary. Maybe that distraction is why I didn’t think to post anything. I certainly thought about that day. I always will. I will always remember that three years ago on that day a strong woman- a friend, neighbor, and colleague- celebrated her last radiation treatment. I know because I celebrated with her on the radiation ward. My own celebration was three weeks later, a year after losing a friend to breast cancer.

On the ward and on my way to and from the ward, I heard the stories of women. That March 8th, after my treatment, I wrote this poem on a scrap of paper while waiting at the airport for the fog to clear so I could return home. This poem is now hiding in plain sight in my book of poetry, For the Girls. So, four days late and a dollar short, here is my International Women’s Day share. We are a Universal power, y’all.


March 8; International Women’s Day

Some women

Some women had their last treatment today

Some their first

Some were untreated.


Some had heart attacks, some died

Some lived.

Some women felt dead inside

Others felt vibrant and alive.


Baby girls were born today

borne of women become mothers

While others became aunts, mentors, friends.

Today, and yesterday, and tomorrow.

Some will feel joy, some will feel sorrow.


Some women were betrayed today

Some endured violence and pain

Fell down, got pushed around

Got up, tried again.


Women endured today.

Some were supported, some were supportive

Some felt hate, some were hated.

Some gave love, some were loved.


Around the world, women endure

Some fall ill, some rise cured

Some are able to feel the hope and the good

Of a worldwide sisterhood.

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