Seashore Weekend Writing Prompt#96

wk-96-seashore.jpg The thing about Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing prompt is that you never know what the word count will be. (Be sure to come by for my How D’Ya Do? blogger interview series May 3rd to find out more about Sammi) This week the challenge is to use the word “seashore” in exactly 59 words. I did and because the word count was so low I also modified this entry so that it would fit the twitter based challenge. If youhave a story in 269 characters or less and use the  hashtag it may be chosen for publication in their annual anthology. I encourage you to try this fun twitter flash challenge in addition to your usual favorites. I have found that toggling back and forth between one challenge and another makes for better revisions of both. In working my original 59 word response down to the requirements of the twitter flash, I feel that I improved both pieces by attending more to word choice and focus. Here then are my 59 words. 


Go beyond the shops, now closed for the season. Go alone, when it is gray with fog. Go when the waves rake the coarse sand at water’s edge, before curling and hurling it back, the stinging wind kiting salt spray gusting aloft. Go when the gull is silent, hunched and waiting. Wait with that lone bird at the seashore.

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