Six Sentences, 269 Characters

It’s Six Sentence Story time once again. The prompt word this week is “novel”. Go to GirlieOntheEdge to read six sentence stories or to share one of yours. You’ll note that this week’s entry is quite short compared to my usual stretched and strained sentences. I don’t have a story in mind, yet- I may be back with something, I never know. But, such as it is, I am also going to submit this 208 character flash to at Twitter. If you have a story in 269 characters or less and use the  hashtag it may be chosen for publication in their annual anthology. Go for it, y’all. (yep, I’m in the 2018 Anthology- twice) 

And, here’s big breaking good news: our Six Sentence hostess with the mostest, Denise, is going to be interviewed here on April 19th. That’s a fine How D’Ya Do

Anyway, here’s six sentences in 208 characters:


“What’s new?”

“Thinking of writing a novel set in a small town with a storied past.”

“A novel idea! Do tell.”

“Actually I have no original ideas; just the same old stories, retold. Recovered stories.”



six sentence story copy.jpg

19 thoughts on “Six Sentences, 269 Characters

    • And the shout out and the tip is why I did post, despite misgivings about the Six.
      Do try the SFF challenge. It’s fun to be so brief. I put a few out last year and a couple made it into the anthology. I just pared down the flashes I was doing anyway. Looking forward to your interview! April 19th. (If you don’t have questions just email me answers)


  1. the watch word is totally clever*
    serially, I agree with the others and I agree with (what I think is) what you’re saying, ‘old stories re-told from another’s perspective is, in fact, a new story… to add to the collection.
    good Six, yo

    *see how I did that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • True story: I felt I had nothing for this prompt despite it being a wonderful word… sometimes you can just slip a prompt word in any how any way, but this one- I got tripping on the meanings of the word and was just playing and mashing with the #SFF challenge- so, totally relieved that it is found to be worthy and clever. Thanks, as ever, for coming by.


    • Yes, that’s a whole big thing- I think it’s important to know as much as one can the originals; allusions only work if there is the alluded to, be they fairy tales, bible stories, or other classics.
      But then there’s also the recovered and re-covered stories of our own friends and families that need to be heard and retold.
      Thanks Kristi!


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