Babble On #Poetry Challenge No.125 #haibun#haiku

At the Faery Whisperer it’s time for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 125, using synonyms for “origin & write”. Like it or not here is a haibun.

poetry-badge-blue-2.pngIn the beginning was the Word. So they say. They say the Word was spoken by the Creator, that speaking was Creation, and the idea was, it was to be all Good. They say that Creator was the first voices in the head, but it was scary because Creator was the Author and the Voice, and the characters got confused.

There was give and take. Deals were made; deals were broken. People needed a lexis to stand on. Books were made. Pages were taken from books. Words rained and reigned and reined.

The people  marveled at the words in their ears and in their hands and in their power. But because they were not prepared to listen they could not hear. Unable to hear, they babbled. On and on. Still, they grabbed at sticks and scratched in the dirt and tried to draw themselves back towards Creation.


Words the tools we wield

Sharp, blunt, cold; soft, warm, healing;

We create our world



13 thoughts on “Babble On #Poetry Challenge No.125 #haibun#haiku

  1. Wow, D. This is such a great take on the prompt words. I think you’ve just described humans! I love the flow and your Haiku really grabbed me. I’ve been doing a fair amount of scratching lately and agree with you. I am hunting for the creator. I love this!

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    • Phew. This one just fell out, so glad if it works. (It’s a little biblical, but also informed by The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the BiCameral Mind, as well as The Artist’s Way, among other readings over time.) Just playing with words… thanks for the prompt.


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