How D’Ya Do? (An interview series)

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Come by ShiftnShake this Friday (12:01 A.M. EST) to read the first ever interview in the new How D’Ya Do blogger interview series!


If you are a blogger who regularly hosts prompts and challenges for the rest of us prompt challenged writers, feel free to contact me to schedule your interview. Otherwise I will start knocking on your doors, in no particular order. I am encouraged that Freya Pickard did not shut the door on me and has agreed to take part in my inaugural interview.

Come by to see Freya this Friday.

12 thoughts on “How D’Ya Do? (An interview series)

  1. Well, *I* plan to show up, D! 😀 I think this is a great idea and feel sure you’ll get a nice response (which will build over time as more folks find out about it.) I think you’ll enjoy the hosting part, too. Shared, and looking forward to learning more about everyone! 🙂

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